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Concrete Work and Stone Placement in Sycamore, Ohio

Count on the staff at Ogg Brothers to provide you with excellent concrete services. From concrete site work, foundation coating, to stone placement services, we do it all.

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Concrete Site Work
Our staff performs site work to clear the land of trees, shrubs, and debris. We excavate the land for footings, basements,crawl spaces or retaining walls. For commercial projects we provide a compacted building pad ready for our footing work.

Our crews have years of experience installing rebar and footings to State and County specs.

We own and operate four complete sets of aluminum wall forms. Our crews have formed and poured walls form 6" tall to 16' tall and everything in between.

Flat Work

Our flat work services include sidewalks, driveways, pole barn floors, basement and garage floors as well as commercial slabs, Whether you need 30' of sidewalk or a 30,000' slab our crews have the experience to handle either project. 

Placing Stones
We provide stone placement services for drainage purposes. These stones help run the water away from your foundation to avoid buildup against walls. 

Sprayed Foundation Coating
Our staff also provides sprayed foundation coating services. This process involves spraying on hot waterproofing material on the exterior of basement walls to keep water out water and eliminates moisture or mold.

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